Call for Abstracts Results

We are pleased to announce the abstracts that have been selected for an oral presentation at the 9th annual APRU Global Health Conference 2023 hosted by Tec de Monterrey in Mexico City from Oct 25-27, 2023.

This year we received submissions from institutions from China, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda, Singapore, the Philippines, and the US.

Congratulations to:

(50) Community Care as a Way of Life: Understanding and Evaluating the Impacts of Mutual Aid on Quality of Life and Ways to Implement this Framework in the US Mira GuptaUniversity of California
(3) Barriers to Access and Healthcare Service Utilization for International Students in China: A Cross-sectional Study Priscilla Adomako Gyasi Jiangsu University
(34) MyWrightNeeds: delivering accessible and culturally-sensitive healthcare to migrant workers in Singapore Vichayada (Clare) Kanchana, Lauren Lee, Elizabeth Nguyen, Britney (Sissy) Zhou University of Southern California
(12) Understanding drowning and water safety interventions in Uganda: Results of a youth-led community health assessment in rural lakeside communities Kyra Guy University of Southern California
(40) An analysis of the retention rate and return-service compliance of University of the Philippines Manila – School of Health Sciences medical graduates Filedito Tandinco University of the Philippines Manila
(13) Temporal Trends of Non-communicable Diseases Across ASEAN Countries Zhuo Li Peking University
(20) Association between sleep quality and non-communicable disease in Mexico: a national representative cross-sectional study Paola Castellanos Torres Tecnológico de Monterrey
(59) Community care workers improve anthropometric outcomes in low-income Chinese with metabolic syndrome: preliminary results from a randomized controlled trial Crystal Ying Chan The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(62) Validation of an Air Quality Index for Vulnerable Population for an Air Risk Application Angel Abel Reyna Schaufelberger Tecnológico de Monterrey
(24) Perception and role of physicians in the midst of the air quality crisis in Nuevo Leon, Mexico Pilar González-Amarante Tecnológico de Monterrey
(16) The impact of availability and readiness of malaria services on uptake of intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy provided during antenatal care visits in six sub-Saharan countries Di Liang Fudan University
(32) Successful twin pregnancy in rural Chiapas: providing quality care and comprehensive support to overcome barriers in health access María Cristina Alarcon Rebollar Compañeros En Salud
(36) Exclusive Breastfeeding: Regarding a Medical-Legal Case Narda Castellanos Joo Tecnológico de Monterrey
(67) Prenatal care in indigenous women in the rural areas of Quito, Ecuador and the primary health care system Liliana Terán Rodríguez Universidad San Francisco de Quito
(66) Evaluating the social return on investment (SROI) of global health interventions Shubha Kumar University of Southern California
(43) Towards a decolonial praxis: Reimagining WHO health systems framework Ans Irfan Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California; Harvard University
(37) Development assistance for health under the goal of universal health coverage (SDG 3.8.1): A correlational and strategic-fitness analysis Yikai Feng Yikai Peking University
(19) A Systematic Review of the Relationship between Medication Non-adherence and the Economic Burden of TB Treatment in LMICs Quanfang Dong University of Toronto
(42) Impact and approach for drug shortages on patient care: a case report of Finasteride unavailability for benign prostatic hyperplasia in a public hospital Angel Alejandro Cabrera Maya Tecnológico de Monterrey
(2) Exploratory Study on the Development of an Adverse Event Reporting System of Herbal Products in Calamba and Los Baños Laguna, Philippines John Nicolas Mejia University of the Philippines Manila
(6) Psychosocial factors and job satisfaction among community health workers in Batangas, Philippines: a cross-sectional study Janine M. San Ignacio Adamson University
(15) Defining The Concept Of Work-life Balance And Rethinking It Through The Lens Of Welfare Sociology Yuxuan YAO Osaka University
(64) A Community´s Effort (Global Mental Health) Mira Aljunied University of Western Australia
(10) Adolescent mental health in post-conflict communities: Results from a cross-sectional survey in Northern Uganda Kyra Guy University of Southern California
(71) Implementation of Group Problem Management Plus among displaced women in Colombia: a qualitative examination of a community-delivered mental health intervention Alejandra Cid-Vega Trauma and Global Mental Health Lab, The New School for Social Research
(4) “COVID-19 is just another way to die…”: a qualitative longitudinal study of frontline COVID-19 response governance across Syria N Howard National University of Singapore
(17) Exploring factors influencing Covid-19 vaccine delivery in the Philippines from an equity lens: a qualitative study Shishi Wu University of Toronto
(47) Associations between NCDs and COVID-19 related experience, behaviours, and mental health: a global study Jason Huang The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(60) Case-series of passenger death on board before arrival at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand during January - December 2022 Rome Buathong Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health Thailand
(5) Village- Tele-Mobile Based Rehabilitation Program -Access to early intervention therapy for children with disabilities Ronald Waiswa Mirondo Makerere University
(30) Global Health for Leadership and Beyond Type One: Implementation of a Pilot for Diabetes Prevention in an Online Course Ilse Mariana Leyva Barrera Tecnológico de Monterrey
(38) Addressing Adulthood Obesity with E-Health: An International and Interdisciplinary COIL project Rebeca Leyva Rico Tecnológico de Monterrey
(54) Leveraging Digital Education and Training to Promote Health Equity: Opportunities and Challenges Zakaria A. Almsherqi National University of Singapore
(63) Perspectives of Japanese elders and their healthcare providers on use of wearable technology to monitor their health at home Adey Nyamathi University of California
(51) Diagnostic advances in Tegumentary Leishmaniasis. Scoping review since 2018 to 2023 Victoria de los Ángeles Palma Bastidas Universidad San Francisco de Quito
(18) Latitude Zero Skin Cancer Outreach Pilot Project: a collaborative model for enhancing skin cancer attention in a rural community Iván Tomas Palacios León Universidad San Francisco de Quito
(44) The disease burden, risk factors and temporal trends in breast cancer in low- and middle-income countries: a global study Jason Huang The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(45) Distributions, risk factors and epidemiological trends of pancreatic cancer in low- and middle-income countries: a comprehensive analysis Jason Huang The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(55) Prediction algorithm for gastric cancer in a general population: a validation study Martin Wong The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(49) Red blood cell folate insufficiency among non-pregnant women of childbearing age in Belize: Prevalence and predicted risk (PR) of neural tube defects (NTD) Jorge Rosenthal Atlanta, GA
(52) Community study of reproductive tract infection among females of reproductive age group living in subdivided-flats in Hong Kong Wong Lok Tung The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(65) Applying a social determinants model of health to a needs assessment for migrant transgender female sex workers in Hong Kong: needs identified, lessons learned, and recommendations for program implementation Adary Zhang The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(21) Parental willingness to accept and pay for human papillomavirus vaccine for their daughters aged 13-14 in Shanghai Weiyu Zhou Fudan University
(28) Assessment of knowledge, attitudes and practices of menstrual hygiene management among schoolteachers and administrators in schools with sanitary room activity compared to those without Eric Twizeyimana University of Global Health Equity
(8) Geospatial mapping of two-hour access to timely essential surgery in the Philippines Meghan Lim Xuxin Harvard University
(9) Geospatial mapping of two-hour access to essential surgery in Cambodia Meghan Lim Xuxin Harvard University
(25) An implementation proposal of virtual reality for reducing barriers to surgical procedures in Mexico: A systematic review Frida V. Leos-Alvidrez Tecnológico de Monterrey
(26) Assessing burden of surgical disease in Cambodia Ma Wai Wai Zaw National University of Singapore; Singapore General Hospital
(14) Mapping the global, regional, and national burden of bipolar disorder from 1990 to 2019: a trend analysis on the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019 Shaohua Hu Zhejiang University
(35) The optimized whole-course management strategies of schizophrenia: from China experiences Yi Li Wuhan Mental Health Center, PR China
(46) Major Depressive Disorder and Its Risk Factors in Low- and Middle-Income countries Jason Huang The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(68) Disease burden, and temporal trends in schizophrenia in low- and middle-income countries: a global analysis from 1990 to 2019 Jason Huang The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(70) Perinatal depression screening in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia: a systematic review Brittany Blevins University of Southern California
(41) Disparities in healthcare: Spanish-speakers at a pediatric clinic in Houston, Texas Xiomara Hinojosa Barrera Tecnológico de Monterrey
(7) Does aggressive policing worsen infant health disparities? Evidence from ‘Stop and Frisk’ in New York City Nicole Ngo University of Oregon
(61) Prevalence of neural tube defects in Latin America and the impact of fortification Jorge Rosenthal Atlanta, GA
(58) Prevalence and Risk Factors for Overweight among Chinese Adolescents Martin Wong The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Thank you again for participating, and congratulations to the selected participants! An big thank you to our panel of judges for their help in selection process.
In order to confirm your presentation, we ask that you fill out the following form: Presentation Confirmation Form. Please confirm with us that you are able to present by Wednesday, August 30th, 2023. If you do not respond by that date, we will assume that you are not coming and will offer your spot to someone else.